Testosus 100

Testosterone Suspension

If all the injectable steroids were arranged from the best performer to the least performer, testosus 100 would take the first place. It is one of the fastest acting injectable testosterones in the world which will increase the level of performance to a peak in the least of time. However, it is one which requires a lot of injections and higher doses for it to function so if you have issues with prickly needles, this may not work for you. It has another catch in the form of side effects, since the side effects of using testosus 100 are very extreme.

If you want to gain a lot in muscle mass, choose testosus 100 as it is a fat burner that ensures you have high quality muscles on your thighs, upper arms and abdomen with ease. It is one of the steroids that will not require a lot of effort on your part for it to function. Its side effects include the most feared side effect of aromatization. The rate of aromatization in this injectable steroid is very high that you may start to develop side effects as soon as you start using it. The side effects that come with having a lot of estrogen in your body include a lot of water retention in the muscles which mean more tiredness and less endurance of physical activity when training. While some people may consider using an anti-estrogen to prevent gynecomastia that comes with using testosus 100, anti-estrogen steroids do not have much of an effect on testosus 100ís gynecomastia. The side effects like kidney and liver problems come with using testosus 100 especially if used in higher doses for a long time. It is important to stay off this steroid if you have high blood pressure as it has been known to increase the blood pressure in its users.

For those who love a fast acting steroid, this is the one to use but the side effects that come with it may hold you back. It has the advantage of getting in to the bloodstream faster than other steroids as it is injectable and is water-based. Because of this it is one of the rarest testosterone steroids but if it is bought from a dealer that is not trusted, you may end up with a counterfeit. Do not use anything from the black market. This is one of the rarest steroids and this makes it one of the most expensive.

It has the downside of damaging the liver so if you have had a history of liver disease, it is better to keep off this steroid. It takes a long time to leave the body and the process of its elimination from the body takes a toll on the liver. On the other hand it may cause infertility in both men and women and may cause the shrinkage of the testicles. These are some of the most serious side effects of using it. Some of the less serious side effects are acne and premature baldness among men.